Xenoblade Chronicles 2 patch 1.5.1 available on July 27 - adds new rare blade, difficulty options, and more for Expansion Pass owners

Monolith Soft and Nintendo have announced that patch 1.5.1 for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will launch on July 27, adding more content for Expansion Pass owners. The update includes a new Rare Blade, new difficulty configuration options, new quests, and more.

  • The largest new content update is another new blade, Hibana (Crossette in English), a fire-attribute bit ball wielding Healer type. She can be acquired via  a new quest. 
  • A final set of 5 new quests will also be available, many requiring certain Rare Blades.
    • Sunken Boosters
    • The Trendy Patissier
    • Artisanal Accessories
    • Hot Spring Bonanza
    • Mystery Launch Codes
Image obtained via data-mining
  • New 'Bringer of Chaos' and 'Customize' difficulty options. Custom likely refers to the above difficulty slider menu, which allows several components of the game's combat to be tweaked to the player's liking. This functionality and screenshot was not provided officially, but originally unearthed earlier this year through data-mining.
  • When Shulk and Fiora are in the active party, the battle music when facing off against Unique Monsters can be set to You Will Know Our Names.
  • Finally, new items will also be available via trading Nopon Crystals in the challenge battle mode, including more costumes and items that raise Tora's Idea stat.

All the above is for Expansion Pass owners only. Find a handful of new images in the gallery. The upcoming Torna - The Golden Country story content is set to release on September 14.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 patch 1.5.1
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