Blizzard is currently working on 'Multiple Diablo Projects'

Diablo III initially released over 6 years ago, and while Reaper of Souls still gets regular service-style support (the game is currently on its fourteenth season), naturally fans of the series have been wondering about what the next big thing is for the classic action-RPG hack and slash. While port rumors have cropped up and been quickly debunked and job listings have been thoroughly scoured, the future of the series has been hazy at best.

Luckily, we finally got confirmation that Blizzard is planning to return to Diablo in a big way, and hopefully soon. In a video update posted by Community Manager Brandy Camel, the studio announced that there are currently multiple projects in the works. Most importantly, Brandy strongly suggests that we will hear more before the end of the year. You can watch the short video below.

The verbal update is obviously pretty light on the details, but it's nice to know we're likely going to see more of the next iteration of Diablo before 2019. At the very least, we can hope to hear more at this year's Blizzcon, which runs from November 2 to November 4.