Azur Lane English open beta test will be launched on August 16

Yostar Limited has announced that the English version of Azur Lane will have an open beta test that starts on August 16  at 9 AM PDT in the United States and Canada. This is a mobile shoot 'em up RPG featuring anthropomorphized World War II-era warships, that has been taking Asia by storm in the past year. After the game has been available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the English version is also making its way real soon.

At the same time, Yostar has also just published a new, longer promotion trailer for Azur Lane in their YouTube channel, which you can watch right below.

The English version of Azur Lane is set to have its grand launch within 2018. It will be available on Android and iOS. You can also read our feature article to learn more about Azur Lane's gameplay system and features.