Edge of Eternity heads to Steam Early Access on November 29

After originally going through Kickstarter, Playdius Games and Midgar Studios have announced the long-in-development title Edge of Eternity will finally make its way to the Steam Early Access service on November 29. This will in turn help shape the final release when the game arrives for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here is the announcement message in full: 

Since its Kickstarter, Edge of Eternity underwent through a lot of changes. As the scope of the project widened, also did our needs. As a result, we have hired a few more talented hands to help us deliver the project we envisioned. Edge of Eternity became even grander. 

One notorious example of this is the Voice 
Acting: it wasn't our intention to dub the game at first, but as the storyline unfolded, we began eyeing each others like "wouldn't this scene be far more epic if it was voiced ?" - "Yes, it would." So we began expanding on that field, for outstanding results we can't wait to share with you.

As we conduct the remaining of our development within the boundaries we've set, we are still tempted to expand some additional features that would greatly overhaul the whole experience. Opening the game now to Early Access would help us unlock enough budget to add an additional layer of polish into the game, and
insure it will be the best game we can possibly deliver. 

Also having players giving us actual feedback about the game would help us immensely in nudging the game in the right direction. There is a certain amount of fine-tuning that heavily depends on individual feedbacks, and we feel that inviting the players into it is a desirable direction. The other reason why we are looking forward to
collaborate with our community is the modding. We intend to make Edge of Eternity fully customizable and allow the players to plunge their hands right into it and experiment their own things. For that matter we intend to release a Modkit for Edge of Eternity in the next months for players to tinker with it. 

This Modkit will need - just like the rest of the game - feedbacks from you. We have several guys on our team who were modders themselves and who deeply value modding as a practice and feel it has a real added value to a game. 

In short, we need as much feedback as we can gather, and we think actual players are the best persons to know what they like or not. 

For all of those reasons, we felt that Early Access is a sound choice, especially considering our actual state of the development. 

Take a look at the latest trailer below. For more details, be sure to check out the Steam page.