Sega is considering a Yakuza: Ishin! or Yakuza: Kenzan! localization

Sega has posted a survey collecting feedback for Yakuza Kiwami 2. While the company has relied on this in the past, it's also been a great way to find out the different titles Sega is interested in localizing. For example, Sega posted a survey for Yakuza 6 when it launched this past spring and it asked fans about Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. Hmmmmm....

Two of the titles listed in the survey include Yakuza: Kenzan!, a PS3 spin-off set during the Edo period, and Yakuza: Ishin!, a PS4 and PS3 spin-off set during the Bakumatsu period.


It's safe to say Yakuza has seen an amazing resurgance over the past few years in the west after a shaky start, and with Kazuma Kiryu's story over with and Yakuza Online launching later this year, they may be looking to capitalize on its success as much as possible before they don't have the chance to anymore.

So if you want this to happen, make sure to let your voices be heard that we want to see anything Yakuza related on our shores sometime soon!