Dissidia Final Fantasy's next additional playable character is Kam'lanaut from Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix and Koei Tecmo's Team Ninja have been regularly adding a new playable character to Dissidia Final Fantasy every two months ever since the PlayStation 4 game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was released last January. After previously adding FFXII's Vayne Solidor, FFVI's Locke Cole, and FFVIII's Rinoa Heartilly, this time they have decided to add Kam'lanaut, one of the two Zilart princes that appeared in Final Fantasy XI, the first online game in the mainline series.

While Kam'lanaut appears in his battle armor by default in Dissidia, he can also be spotted fighting while wearing his ordinary attire as well. You can check out the battle movie of Kam'lanaut, which has been published by Square Enix, right below.

Kam'lanaut will be added to the arcade version in the September update and to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT through an update in October. This leaves two more characters to be added to the game in the coming months, as per the season pass which promised 6 additional playable characters in total.

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