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Debut trailer for Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix

Circle Entertainment and Rideon have revealed the first trailer for Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix, introducing the cast and core elements of the strategy RPG. Mercenaries Wings is the fourth game in the series, following the trilogy pack of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles. The False Phoenix is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as a digital title.

Circle Entertainment has also been providing English character bios for the main cast of the game over on the publisher's Twitter account. We've collected the reveals so far:

  • Cecil - She is a member of the Crimson Birds and an expert gunner. She and her brother, Jeremy, are employed by Harold, King of Dryden. But one decision may change the course of their lives forever...
  • Jeremy - Vice Commander of the Crimson Birds and Cecil's older brother. A tough, skilful and widely admired warrior that takes on most front line leadership duties, as Commander Kane can no longer fight.
  • Francis - A priest that is cheerful with an open heart, he always motivates the group. Has the utmost respect for Jeremy as the senior mercenary, and is well known for his child-like looks.
  • Anemone - A magician who wishes to be a mercenary and join the Crimson Birds. Emotional and with an abundance of knowledge when it comes to magic, she often laughs off the attention of others...
  • Harold - The King of Dryden, with aspirations to expand his domain. Has seen much war and has now lost his Royal Castle to rebels; he has been forced to hire mercenaries to take it back.
  • Eunice - A kind, courteous young girl who spends her days in an all-female abbey. She does have a darker side, however, and finds herself working with the Crimson Birds.
  • Ludwig - A leader in the Royal Army, he is a son of distinguished nobles and well versed in combat. Boasts of his skills as a spearman, but can be aloof and arrogant.
  • Kane - Leads the Crimson Bird Mercenaries; at his peak was known as Crimson Flash due to unparalleled sword skills. Has hung up his crimson cloak but still manages the operations of his group.

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix for Nintendo Switch is set to release for Nintendo Switch eShop on September 27 in Japan, while the PlayStation 4 version has a release window of "fall". While the game is confirmed for localization, we have yet to hear a release date.

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Screenshots and Artwork


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