Kazumasa Habu confirmed in a Digimon Survive interview that a new Digimon Story is also under development

Weekly Famitsu, the most prominent gaming magazine in Japan, just had their first information batch on Digimon Survive, a brand-new strategy RPG based on the popular Digimon franchise. They also had an interview with Bandai Namco Entertainment's chief producer Kazumasa Habu and producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki in the article.

It turns out that this interview does not only give more details on Digimon Survive, but Habu-san even also shed a light on the status for one of the long-running Digimon game series. You can read more on that after the jump.


In this short interview, Famitsu asked Habu and Tsuzuki on the concepts of Digimon Survive. Habu-san answered first by noting that recent Digimon games have been expanding under two axes of series, which are Digimon Story and Digimon World. What started the project for Digimon Survive is an idea to reproduce a feature commonly seen in Digimon anime shows to a game, which is Digimon evolving differently based on their relationship with their partner as both Digimon and human grow up.

Tsuzuki added that the adventure (story) part is made to be light so players can easily understand the story, while battles are using the simple and common strategy RPG system. The team wants to show the appeal of Digimon with such familiar gameplay systems as a concept for Digimon Survive. When Famitsu asked where does Digimon Survive place in the whole series, Habu-san made a remark that further revealed the current activity in his team right now.

We are currently also developing a new Digimon Story, but we end up needing so much time to develop it. That's why we would like to provide Digimon Survive as a new content before that. I'll be glad if it can form its own series as the third axis.

Right now, Habu's team is focusing on getting Digimon Survive out to the public first. While Digimon Story games had an emphasis on the fun factor of collecting a lot of monsters, Digimon Survive will instead put its weight on the drama between the monsters and their partner characters. As such, this game will only have just a bit more than 100 Digimon appearing.

As mentioned in an earlier information batch, player's choices will play a major role in changing the outcome of the story, from their Digimon evolutions, battle situations from ally & enemy conditions to victory & defeat requirements, and even the lives of other characters. Right now the team is projecting for Digimon Survive to have three major routes, but they would also like to add a few more extra routes.


As it will take more time until they can reveal more details on the new Digimon Story game, you can look forward to their upcoming strategy RPG game Digimon Survive which will be released worldwide in 2019. It will be out for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, with additional Xbox One and PC Steam versions also confirmed for the rest of the world.