Banner of the Maid gets a new gameplay trailer

Publisher CE-Asia has released a brand new trailer showcasing the gameplay elements for Banner of the Maid, an upcoming strategy RPG set during the French Revolution. 

For those unfamiliar, here's a quick rundown of what the game is about:

Banner of the Maid is a tactical role-playing game based on the famous French Revolution, with a twist of fictional fantasy elements. You will be playing as Pauline Bonaparte, a newly-graduated girl from  military  academy, who is always dreaming of earning herself a position in the upper class.

In a journey of visiting her brother Napoleon Bonaparte, Pauline was accidentally dragged into a revolutionary storm in France. Along the way, she will meet another notable figures including Jean Lannes, Louis Charles Antoine Desaix, and Napolean's first wife, Josephine de Beauharnais.

Banner of the Maid is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam for the west sometime later this year.

Take a look at the new gameplay trailer below: