Dragon Quest XI for Nintendo Switch is now Dragon Quest XI S

The Switch version of Dragon Quest XI  was announced before the console even had an official name. Since then, the game has released on 3DS (in Japan), Playstation 4, and even PC via Steam. However, while the available versions of the game have released to critical acclaim and commercial success in Japan, the version for Nintendo's hybrid console has long been an enigmatic question mark. 

Finally, during Square Enix's TGS stream event today, we get a small glimpse at the status of the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI, now retitled Dragon Quest XI S. 

Dragon Quest XI S Title.jpg

According to Dragon Quest boss Yuji Horii, the 'S' in the updated title stands for anything but 'small'. Instead, the S can stand for Switch, Special, or even 'Seiyuu', or a Japanese voice actor. The later of those possibilities could stem from the fact that the Japanese version of the game did not feature any voice acting. Perhaps this will be an addition to the Japanese version of Dragon Quest XI S. 

Unfortunately, outside of the new title and title card, today's announcement is still a little light in terms of specific details, or information on a possible release window. Dragon Quest XI originally released on July 29, 2017 in Japan and this year in the west on September 4. You can read our review of the game here