Arc of Alchemist gets a new trailer showcasing the combat system

Compile Heart has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming tactical RPG Arc of Alchemist, which serves as the sixth title in their Galapagos RPG brand. Aside from taking a look at the battle system, the footage also introduces us to some of the characters featured in the game including Axel Darion, Rune Fontaine, Micah Schneider, and Jester Silverhawk.

For those unfamiliar, Arc of Alchemist is an RPG with a Tactical Action Battle system. The player can form a party of up to 3 characters and control them to explore fields. When they encounter enemies, there will be a seamless transition to battles which will take place at the same location.

Characters will automatically fight with formations that have been set beforehand. Depending on the weapon used, they can also use magic attacks that, despite needing chanting time, has a low risk as they can act as long-range attacks. Each character also has their own Job which defines their fighting style, so it will be important to plan your party's formation and tactics beforehand in order to survive the long journey that awaits the party.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

We also have an exploration video that was posted last week:

Update: Compile Heart has shared a new trailer showing off the base building  aspects of the game:

Arc of Alchemist is scheduled to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on November 29. A western localization has not been announced as of yet.

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