Report: Brian Fargo may be working on Baldur's Gate 3

So overnight, a report came out that Larian Studios had bought the rights to a potential Baldur's Gate 3, the next entry in one of the most celebrated cRPG series of all time. Shortly thereafter, the studio debunked the rumors. People then thought maybe Beamdog, makers of the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and subsequent remasters may have an eye on it themselves. They did comment around the time of BG: EE they were looking into making the sequel. They also came out today in the negative. But now, could Brian Fargo, founder of inXile Entertainment (Torment: Tides of Numenera, Bard's Tale IV) be in on it?

Well, Chris Avellone surely thinks so. Here's the three tweets worth looking at. The first is from Brian Fargo himself, and the next two are from Chris Avellone (who worked at Black Isle Studios alongside Brian Fargo before it was shut down):


Right now, we can only go over these public tweets since the parties won't comment on whether this is real. We'll follow closely and let you know whether this is the case, or a couple people just playing along to get our hopes up.