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Death end re;Quest - Opening Movie Trailer and World Images

Idea Factory International has released new information and media for Death end re;Quest, introducing the protagonists and the game's opening movie. The niche publisher also released artwork for the various locations found within the game.

Find the character introductions, Opening Movie, and artwork in the gallery below. Death end re;Quest is set to release in Early 2019 for PlayStation 4. You can find more information in the localization announcement.


Shina Ninomiya

Shina wakes up inside of World's Odyssey, the VRMMORPG which had been cancelled for nearly a year, with no memory of her arrival. She served as the game's director for the duration of its development until her mysterious disappearance. With no way to perform a manual log-out, she sets out to complete the game's perfect ending


Arata Mizunashi

Enigma Games' lead programmer, who helped develop World's Odyssey alongside Shina Ninomiya. A year after Shina's disappearance, he finds that she is trapped inside World's Odyssey and needs to get the perfect ending to log out safely. In order to help Shina on her quest, Arata manipulates the game's code in real-time, fixing bugs that threaten the lives of her and her party. It is up to Arata to travel between the game and the real world to investigate the mystery of Shina's disappearance...

Death end re;Quest World Art


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