Long-silent Level-5 RPG 'Ushiro' to be developed for Nintendo Switch

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed that long-silent Level-5 developed RPG Ushiro is now planned to release on Nintendo Switch.

Ushiro was originally announced at Level 5 Vision 2008 as a title for PSP. To put that in perspective, this is the same event which revealed the original Ni No Kuni - the one for Nintendo DS. Although Ushiro was never officially canceled, and although related novels/comics were released in recent years, there had not been any significant mention of the game since its announcement.

PSP Screenshot of Ushiro

This week's issue includes a large interview with Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino, and within the lengthy feature, Hino confirmed Ushiro is not a dead project. While development of the Switch version has yet to go into motion, Hino considers how a title like Ushiro allows Level-5 to do things that they can't do with a series like Yo-Kai Watch.

Ushiro, as originally detailed back in 2008, is a turn-based RPG that will explore the themes of death. Within this work there is death shown, among other senstive topics. The game's titutalur character is a shinigami named Reiichiro Ushiro, who can possess living humans. The first instance of the Ushiro posessing a human is a young-girl, Nanako Nishizaki, who was about to commit suicide. After the possession, you can observe the life of this young girl through the eyes of the Shinigami.

You can check out the original announcement trailer and a PSP screenshot set below. It's uncertain how much the newly revived game might resemble the original media, but the images should give a good idea what to expect nonetheless.

Ushiro PSP Screenshots
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