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Vampyr to release on Nintendo Switch

As part of Focus Home Interactive's first-half revenue report for the fiscal year 2018-2019, the publisher revealed that Dontnod's Vampyr will be making its way over to Nintendo Switch. Outside of the console announcement, there's not a whole lot of other details in terms of a release window, pricing, or the future of the IP in general, but the wording suggests it could be as early as next quarter. The whole statement of interest is copied below:

In Q3, the Group will continue to maximise the potential of the Vampyr licence. After the game's impressive success on PC, Xbox One and PS4, it will be Nintendo Switch's turn to welcome the Dontnod title to reach an even wider audience.

This keeps with the general trend of third-party ports of more mature games such as Skyrim, Wolfenstein, and Dark Souls making their way to the portable console months or often years after their initial releases. The report also mentions that Vampyr played a key role in the publisher's record half of sales, which is good news for both Dontnod and the future potential for the Vampyr IP. 


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