The Demon Crystal heads to the Nintendo Switch in Japan this winter

Seems like the market for bringing back retroware is alive and burgeoning, and that segment grows a little bigger with today's news. The Demon Crystal , a side-scrolling action RPG originally developed by YMCAT back in 1984 and released for a variety of PC platforms (MSX, PC-88, Sharp X1, etc), will be released for the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop in Japan sometime later this winter.

The Demon Crystal tells the tale of a demon called Sharudo that arrived in Fairy's land, creating havoc. He built a monster town on a mountaintop and dwelled there, ruling over the land below. One day, Sharudo came and took princess Chris to his monster lair. Now it's up to Ares, a brave soldier in the service of the Fairies, to save Chris.