NIS America to release physical PS Vita versions of The Lost Child, Penny-Punching Princess and The Longest Five Minutes on March 19, 2019

NIS America has announced that they will release three of their previously digital-only PlayStation Vita titles at retail next year for a limited time.

PlayStation Vita versions of The Lost Child, Penny-Punching Princess and The Longest Five Minutes will all be available at North American retailers on March 19 for $29.99 each. This print run is stated to be limited, and these games will be the final PS Vita titles published by NIS America.

Find an outline of the three games below:

The Lost Child


In a calamitous war between angels and demons threatening the mortal realm, where does an occult journalist come in? The "Chosen One," Hayato Ibuki, along with the angel Lua and the 100+ Astrals under his command, must save humanity from the clutches of Cthulhu! 

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Penny-Punching Princess


It's not only money that does all the talking—fists also make for a good negotiator! Punch, trap, and bribe your way to victory as the titular Princess, and find out how money came to be king in this domain! 

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The Longest Five Minutes


A hero stands before the Overlord, the origin of all evil, until suddenly he loses memories of his adventure: his hometown, his allies, even the very reason for facing the Overlord himself. Will he be able to regain these invaluable memories? 

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