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Lunastra comes to the PC version of Monster Hunter: World on November 22

Just weeks after the previous Kulve Taroth update to the PC version of Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has announced another major addition, introducing a new event and more graphics options to the game.

The elder dragon 'Empress of Flame, Lunastra' can be fought starting on November 22. She is a companion of Teostra, only even more aggressive and dangerous. You can check out more of Lunastra and her related equipment set in the original PS4 version update post.

The two major graphics option additions in this update are Depth of Field and Vignette Effects toggles, where players can adjust visual focus and shading of screen edges. Keyboard configuration settings have also been tweaked.

Below are the update notes from Capcom. PC players can also look forward to the Devil May Cry collaboration event this weekend on November 16.

Major New Content:
- Lunastra, a rare female Elder Dragon that litters the air with hot blue dust, arrives on Steam!
There are reports of her traveling with her mate, Teostra.
Her materials can be used to create new weapons, a unique armor set, and Palico armor.
After completing the game (at HR 16 or higher), talk to the Huntsman in Astera to start the Event.
- A new specialized tool will be added: the Temporal Mantle.
This garment nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.

Major Additions and Changes:
- "DOF (Depth of Field)" will be added to the Advanced Graphics Settings. This feature allows you to enable/disable the functionality to adjust focus by changing the camera distance.
- "Vignette Effects" will be added to the Advanced Graphics Settings. This feature allows you to enable/disable shading of screen edges by adjusting the brightness between the center and peripheral areas.
- A preset function will be added to the Keyboard Settings, allowing you to save changes you made to the key configuration.
- On top of the regular "Default" Keyboard Settings, a "Default 2" option will be added for 5-button mouse controls.
- Various other additions and changes.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix for a bug where the custom radial menu stops working on keyboards after setting WASD keys for menu item selection under Keyboard Settings.

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