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Bandai Namco reveals Ninja Box for Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco has revealed their newest game project for Nintendo Switch in Japan. Ninja Box is labeled as an RPG where players will be able to design and build their own secret base or hideout.

Players will collect materials which are used to construct items or traps that can be placed. They are free to design their own hideout, whether they want it to look like a relaxing lounge or even a giant fortress.

A couple of characters that will appear in this game are also introduced. The ninja featured at the above trailer is Tonkachi, a ninja from Tatemakuri village who is always in a festive mood and shows himself off. He wields a seemingly high-tech hammer.

Tonkachi aspires to be the world's best "Nintuber" (this likely means a Ninja Youtuber). The plate on his headband is actually a smartphone which he uses to upload videos, but they are hardly popular so he only thinks on how to gain more views.

Tonkachi will be accompanied by Hiroto, your typical-looking Japanese 5th grader who has all-around average grades but an unusually high reaction. He becomes interested in building his own secret base after meeting Tonkachi.

Ninja Box artworks & screenshots

Ninja Box will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Japan. A release timeframe has not been announced as of yet.

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