New screenshots for Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists confirm appearances of Shallistera, Iris, and more

Gust has published a new batch of screenshots and artwork for Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists, the town-building spinoff of Atelier series that will have over 100 characters from throughout the series appearing to help Nelke von Lestamm build the town of Westwald from a small village to a bustling city.

Four more characters have been confirmed in these new screenshots. And just like all prior featured characters, they have new character art drawn by NOCO, who previously designed characters for the Mysterious sub-series (Atelier Sophie, Atelier Firis, and Atelier Lydie & Suelle).

  • Judith "Judie" Volltone (from Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad)
  • Shallistera Argo (from Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea)
  • Iris Fortner (from Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm)
  • Norn (from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana)
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists screenshots and artworks

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, with an additional PC Steam release elsewhere worldwide. It will be out on January 31 in JapanMarch 26 in North America, and March 29 in Europe.