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Atlus posts P5R teaser trailer, more information to come in March 2019

Atlus has posted a short teaser trailer regarding Persona 5. Titled 'P5R Notice', the video teases "New Projects" with more information to come in March 2019. It also opens with a PlayStation 4 logo and points to a teaser website. The easiest guess to make is that P5R will be a sort of enhanced new version of Persona 5, as Atlus is no stranger to re-releases of their games, but it seems there will be more than one announcement to look forward to.

A Persona Super Live concert has also been announced for April 24 and 25, which could offer more information on whatever might be announced a month prior.

That's all that's been shared at the moment, so we'll have to wait a few months to see what Atlus has in store.

P5R Notice

Persona Super Live commerical

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