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Destiny Connect screenshots introduces new characters and Isaac's forms

Nippon Ichi Software has released new screenshots for Destiny Connect, introducing three new characters and Isaac's robot form change ability.

In order to solve the mystery of the time-stopped town of Clocknee, Sherry, Isaac, and Pegleo go to the past, where they meet three new characters: Truth, Dumpty, and Aria. Together, the group decides to investigate the department store "Save The Queen", which has been the source of various mysterious rumors.

Truth, Dumpty, and Aria

The following translations were done by our friends at Gematsu:

  • Truth - A boy Sherry and company meet in the past Clocknee. He has a rough personality, but a strong sense of justice. He is investigating the secret of the town’s department store “Save the Queen.” 
  • Dumpty - Truth’s good friend. He often follows Truth, who tends to bump heads with others. He loves eating.
  • Aria - A girl from the past Clocknee. She works as a helper at Cafe Blossom. She has a kind personality and is a good friend of Truth and Dumpty.

The robot Isaac, who was able to time travel, can also help out in battle by using his various Forms. He has six forms in total and can change forms on the fly in combat. The capabilities of each form can be upgraded by visiting Bacfarlane Collectables.

Guardian Form and Rescue Form

The following translations were done by our friends at Gematsu:

  • Guardian Form - Isaac’s main form. A steel guardian that protects everyone with its heavy armor. It is bad at avoiding attacks. It can use abilities such as “Iron Wall,” which increases the defense power of the entire party, and “Radiant Beam,” which attacks all enemies.
  • Rescue Form - With the “Medical Shower” ability that can heal all of the party’s HP, Isaac’s Rescue Form is an effective form to use when you want to heal wounded allies. By using the “Hazmat Cleanup” skill, you can attack a single enemy while lowering its attack power. This form should come in handy in a pinch.

Find screenshots in the gallery below. Destiny Connect is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on March 14 in Japan. In case you missed it, you can check out the debut trailer, a screenshot set, and the announcement information. An English localization for this game has yet to be announced.

Destiny Connect Screenshots and Artwork

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