Langrisser Mobile launches on January 22

Zlongame has announced that today that Langrisser Mobile will release on both iOS and Google Play on January 22 [check below for the list of countries]. Players can pre-register at the official Langrisser website or at the iOSAndroid storefronts. 

A new trailer for the mobile game has also been shared, which you can find below. You can find more information and screenshots in the announcement post.

Langrisser mobile will be officially launched on January 22, 2019! Check below for more details!

  1.  Time: January 22, 2019
  2. Country: USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Holland, Greece, Czechia, Hungary, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovak, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg
  3. Platform: iOS (App Store) & Android (Google Play)

* The game will be available in the above countries during the first stage of the launch. To Commanders outside of these countries - please hold on a little longer! Remember to stay tuned for the latest news and events on the fan page & official website.

Commanders! Is the excitement too much to bear? Let’s just try to wait as patiently as we can for a few days - preparing for the start of an adventure of this scale should not be taken lightly, after all.

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