Atelier Lulua sees the return of Pamela and Cole, explains the battle system

After last month's information batch for Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland confirmed the return of Sterkenburg "Sterk" Cranach while introducing a couple new characters along with Synthesis system, Gust has released another batch for the upcoming fourth game in the Arland sub-series. This time it explains the game's battle system while introducing a number of supporting characters, which include the recurring Pamela Ibis and the grown-up Cole Dueller.



Cole Dueller (voiced by Soichiro Miwa)

The young boy who previously showed up in Atelier Rorona has grown up into a man. Although he has changed his profession to a blacksmith after studying under the best blacksmith in Arland, he still retains his business senses as an ex-merchant. His motto is "Earn income while you are still young. Earn income while you can still work." Although he is fussy when it comes to money, he doesn't mind losing a bit of money if he can help people.


Lisa von Beilschmidt (voiced by Emiri Kato)

The poster girl of the Golden Great Axe Bar located in Arcuris. With her tidy, kind, and gorgeous looks, some would even think she wouldn't fit in the bar. Contrary to her looks, she is actually a heavy eater and can consume all food in the bar if she wants to. This girl, who is called "Angel's Smile", likes to eat very much.


Refle von Beilschmidt (voiced by Kaya Okuno)

Lisa's younger sister who owns Silver Chisel, a jewelry store located in Arcuris. She likes beautiful things like jewels and shell and has been collecting them since her childhood that her knowledge on those things can even match researchers. She is shy and doesn't actively show her emotions, but she likes her elder sister Lisa a lot.


Jeltje Jeremies (voiced by Larissa Tago Takeda)

A self-proclaimed "Adventurer Mania", this girl travels to every region and lives to get signatures from "awesome adventurers". With a bright and cheerful personality, she is the type of person who directly moves without thinking in much detail. However, when an "awesome adventurer" is right at front of her, her tension shakes away and she becomes docile.


Wild Klinsmann (voiced by Yuuki Yonai)

The owner of a restaurant in Arland. His motto to "Learn the newest trends" is not limited to just cooking as he also seems to have some unique fixations on hairstyle and costumes, but he never forgets to wear his apron for his pride as a chef. He used to be a delinquent in the past, but after eating a cuisine imbued with the soul of a certain chef, he reformed himself and walked the path to become a chef.


Pamela Ibis (voiced by Asuka Tanii)

The recurring Atelier series character makes her appearance again in this game, this time as the owner of Pamela's Shop in Arls. The shop has become one of the tourist spots in Arls, partly thanks to Pamela's cozy and fluffy personality. Of course, she has been acquainted with Rorona for a long time.

Battle System

Battles in Atelier Lulua can have up to 5 party characters which are split into 3 front characters and 2 rear characters. The front characters can directly attack monsters, and depending on the actions they take, the back characters will be able to support them with Assist Skills to deal even more damage in one go. The back characters are also able to gradually heal their HP and MP.

Each character has their own set of numerous unique skills. Using certain skills will also contribute to deciphering the Alchemy Riddle, so players will want to experiment with as many skills as possible while considering the enemies' weaknesses. An example of the skills is Eva's Range Shift which allows her to change her attack range.

Gust also adds a couple of new features in the battle system, which is as follows:

  • Interrupt
    A command that can only be used by Alchemists. When the lower right gauge has been filled, they will be able to use Interrupt items regardless of whether it's their own turn or not. For example, equipping a healing item as Interrupt item will allow an alchemist to heal a party member even if it's not currently their own turn. Only 1 Interrupt item can be equipped by an Alchemist, but there is another merit that Interrupt items will not be consumed after being used, allowing them to use the items again and again. Each alchemist also has their own Interrupt Skills which add more effects such as adding a weak knockback when used against enemies in a Break state.
  • Primal Arts
    Special formation effects that can be activated by a certain combination of front characters. Effects will vary from increasing item power to reducing damage received. Players can even activate multiple Primal Arts at once if they have the suitable combinations. For example, having Lulua and Eva in the front row will activate the Friendship Primal Art, while filling the front row with Aurel, Ficus, and Niko will activate Alchemist Guardner.
Atelier Lulua artworks and screenshots

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland is currently set for release on PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan on March 20. The English localization, which adds a PC Steam release, will be released later in Spring 2019.