Pathfinder: Kingmaker Patch 1.2 seeks to drastically cut load times and improve kingdom management

Three months after the game's first major update and one month after its first DLC content, Owlcat is again offering up a huge patch to continue to fix quests and skills in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. This specific update is a fairly large one due to its heavy focus on improve the game's loading times. Players will have to redownload about 18 Gb's worth of files due to much of the game having to be repacked.


Alongside the focus on improving load times, the notes also detail fixes to a whole bunch of quests, areas, and more. The notes are so long, in fact, that two pages were needed to fit everything in. Perhaps a bit telling of the state of the game, even after so much support as already been provided since its September release, but more optimistically also showcases Owlcat's commitment to their debut title.

With that said, the full patch notes are honestly too long to cleanly post here, but again they are available at the game's Steam page (1,2).