Record of Agarest War Zero Coming to the West

Record of Agarest War was a unique game that included a unique dating sim called the "Soul Breed" system where new characters were created through relationships, with the child being the new protagonist in the next generation (5 generations in total) and the ability to inherit the skills and abilities of his parents. It featured over 35 packs of DLC ranging from new playable characters to new items and dungeons. In North America, PS3 owners were only able to enjoy this title over the PSN as a 10GB download, while 360 owners could pick it up at the store.

Next Summer, gamers will be able to try out the prequel to this game, Record of Agarest War Zero, known as Agarest Senki Zero in Japan. Taking place 1000 years before the original, the world of Agarest is currently experiencing a Golden Age where peace and prosperity reign supreme as the balance between Light and Darkness stays firm. Unfortunately like in any RPG, the Darkness goes all blitzkrieg and crosses the border with an army to attack the forces of Light. A soldier named Sieghart discovers a young woman named Mimel while serving the Light, and after obtaining a power from her, goes out to find a way to defeat the Darkness once and for all.

Thankfully this time around, publisher Aksys Games has seen fit to release it as a retail disc for both systems allowing more people a chance to enjoy this unusual game. Aside from the return of the "Soul Breed" system, players can also expect living and breathing animated character portraits, a bigger emphasis on exploration especially in towns where you will be able to meet with the ladies to better develop relationships, and even a new card skill system that allows players to alter the fighting style of the main character. You can check out the press release by visiting the Source link below.