God Eater 3 set to receive three major updates from Spring to Summer 2019

Following on their promise previously, Bandai Namco has divulged more details on God Eater 3's upcoming post-release title updates at a live stream held in Japan today to celebrate the series' 9th anniversary. These updates will come in three major batches that are being scheduled from early spring to early summer 2019.

The first major update will mainly improve gameplay tempo by increasing battle motion speeds and address concerns against some Aragamis whose attacks are too difficult to react against. The next update that will come later within this Spring will further expand the game's volume by adding a couple of new party members and a number of post-game story missions.

You can check out the translation of the upcoming patch notes, as provided by Bandai Namco in the Japanese live stream, right after the jump.


Version 1.20 (to be available in Early Spring)

  • Add new Class Certification Missions that will measure players' aptitude in the game. As they complete these missions, they can unlock rewards such as head accessories for the avatar and higher class missions with harder difficulties. The highest class that a player has reached so far will be displayed on the avatar card. These missions will also add more new Aragami species such as Amun Ra, a much stronger version of Ra that can create a clone of itself.
  • Add the ability to change the avatar's skin color mid-game
  • Add an option to apply passwords in Assault Missions
  • Add new hairstyles and NPC costumes for avatar character customization
  • Adjust Havakiri's motion and AI
  • Adjust Nevan's parts HP
  • Adjust Ashborn Aragamis' devouring attack frequency
  • Shorten the charging time for players' Devour attacks and quicken the motion speed during and after the attacks
  • Quicken the shield deployment motions when guarding
  • Reduce knockback distance for both regular guarding and just guarding
  • Make it possible to turn the shield direction while guarding mid-air
  • Adjust activation requirements for some Acceleration Triggers
  • Buster Blade: Add Advanced Guard
  • Short Blade: Add Advanced Step and Advanced Jump
  • Long Blade: Quicken the cancel timing after launching Impulse Edge, raise Zero Stance's activation speed
  • Charge Spear: Shorten weapon charging time
  • Variant Scythe: Prolong duration to allow button input of the Burst Art "Hell or Heaven"
  • Adjust Link Burst bullets so they do not disappear when colliding with field terrains
  • Adjust healing bullets so they do not disappear when colliding with field terrains
  • Adjust motion speeds when beginning to walk or run in the basecamp

Version 1.30 (to be available in Spring)

  • Add new Story Missions that take place after the game's ending
  • Add Zeke's brothers Keith and Neil as NPC companions
  • Add new Assault Missions
  • Add new costumes and accessories to avatar character customization

Version 1.40 (to be available in Early Summer)

  • Add Time Attack Missions (tentative name) for more replayability content
  • And more features to be added later
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The English localization of God Eater 3 for PlayStation 4, as well as the PC Steam release, will be out worldwide later this week on February 8. While it had been out earlier in Japan for PS4 on December 13, the Japanese release also recently got an update patch which adds an option to enable multiplayer sessions with the upcoming English version players. Bandai Namco has also published a couple of trailers last month to hype up the Western release.

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