Knights in the Nightmare Free Game Bonus Revealed

For a limited time only, gamers who pick up a copy of the bullet-hell strategy RPG Knights in the Nightmare (released Tuesday in North America for the Sony PSP) will receive a PSN voucher for a free copy of another great SRPG, Yggdra Union. That's two games for the $29.99 MSRP, which is a hell of a lot better than some dumb soundtrack or demo as a bonus.

Originally released on the Nintendo DS back in June of 2009, Knights in the Nightmare was critically lauded for its amazing depth and complexity. The game is infamous for its hour-long tutorial at the beginning of the game that tried to ease players into its very steep learning curve. Players had to guide their character towards the enemy while avoiding the shots being sent from the bastard. The game featured a cast of well over 100 different characters and more than 40 missions for players to find themselves lost in. 

A similar bundle was released back on the DS, called the "Knights in the Nightmare DHE Series Special Pack" where it was bundled with the Gameboy Advance version of Yggdra Union. Both are pretty challenging games, but I believe well worth the time and effort.