Red Hook announces sequel to Darkest Dungeon with Darkest Dungeon II

Red Hook Studios dropped a trailer teasing Darkest Dungeon II, a follow-up to their critically acclaimed horror RPG Darkest Dungeon. The teaser, titled "The Howling End" showed off a few familiar classes near the tail end while offering the similar, foreboding narration known to the series. From this, it appears that the Plague Doctor, Leper, Grave Robber and a handful of other fan favorites will be making their return.

According to an exclusive first look from PC Gamer, Darkest Dungeon II will first release in early access. As it stands there is no confirmed release date for Darkest Dungeon II. Additionally, this game will give players a glimpse of the havoc the supernatural happenings taking place outside of the estate and related areas. You can watch this trailer below.

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