T for Twilight Princess - Rating, that is.

In the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, Nintendo's head of localization Bill Trinen talked about Nintendo's latest Legend of Zelda Title; Twilight Princess.

Speaking of the game, Trinen commented "With Twilight Princess, the depth of story and its connections to past games means not only does it have twice the text as Wind Waker, but it includes a fair number of legacy terms that originate in past games, so consistency is a big focus there,"

He continued "We've also been given the opportunity to provide a lot of input on everything from play control to character design, so over time our role has grown from simply localizing the Zelda games to almost being a branch of the development team itself."

Speaking of the ESRB rating, Mr. Trinen said he expected "the game to get a T rating because of the more realistic graphics, so because of that you may see scenes and situations in the game that wouldn't have fit in a game like Wind Waker."

Deducting from that, players can expect TP to be gorier than previous LoZ games, or who knows, maybe a hint of nudity is pushing the rating to a T. (We hope not.. Link, put it away!) But for gamers above 13, this should hopefully just make the game more interesting. For the younger ones, you better start doing older brother's chores right away.

Twilight Princess is set to launch for both Wii and Gamecube on Wii launch day, 19th November for America and 8th December for Europe. Stay with RPGSite for all the latest.

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