Anthem has a bug where freeplay now has no enemies and no strongholds

Poor old Anthem - BioWare's latest has been having a rough old time. Last week we finally delivered our review, a lukewarm, disappointed write-up that was echoed in more specific articles on the campaign design and its loot and gear system. Despite the developers' best efforts to patch and fix the game, it seems like they're playing whack-a-mole - and the latest bug is a big one.

Specifically, one major bug that's set reddit aflame is one that turns freeplay mode into a very peaceful thing indeed - the mode currently has no enemies, all strongholds have disappeared from the map and even dynamic events out in the world have ground to a halt.

This bug appears to be taking place on PC, Xbox One and PS4 alike - and BioWare has already confirmed that they're aware of the bug and are working on a fix.

"You may have noticed that Freeplay in #AnthemGame is a little more empty than usual," community manager Jesse Anderson wrote on twitter. "The team is working on it!."

In the meantime, however, players might even want to make the most of the empty freeplay land - Anthem's world is absolutely beautiful, so if you wanted a chance to explore unfettered, this might be a great time to fly around and take screenshots without being hassled. Otherwise, you might want to skip Anthem for the next day or two - or however long it takes for a fix to arrive.