Yo-Kai Watch 4 to be released in Japan on June 6, third promotion trailer also published

Level-5 has finally confirmed a release date for Yo-Kai Watch 4 in Japan. It will be released there on June 6. Along with this announcement, Yo-Kai Watch 4 also gets a new Japanese subtitle "Bokura wa Onaji Sora wo Miageteiru" which translates to "We Look Up at the Same Sky", as well as a new third Japanese promotional trailer which you can watch below.

This is the latest sequel of the Yo-Kai Watch series, which is highly popular in Japan. Being made for Nintendo Switch, this fourth mainline title in the series will have a brand-new battle system where the player can also control a Watcher, human character who now participates in battles and even launch attacks towards enemy Yokais by themselves.

Yo-Kai Watch is also noted for taking place in four different worlds connected by mysterious gates: Keita's World which is very familiar to fans of the series, Natsume's World which stars Keita's future daughter Natsume 30 years after, Shin's World which is based on the Forever Friends movie and takes place in the past in the 1960s, and the Ghost World which is headed by the Great King Enma.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 will be released for Nintendo Switch in Japan on June 6. An English localization for this game has yet to be announced.