Doraemon: Nobita's Story of Seasons will be released in Japan on June 13, first trailer published

Bandai Namco has confirmed the release date for Doraemon: Nobita's Story of Seasons in Japan, where it will be out on June 13. As the title implies, this is the newest collaboration title of Marvelous' farming game series Story of Seasons, which was first revealed at last February's Nintendo Direct. While Bandai Namco will publish this game as the IP holder for Doraemon games, Marvelous is in charge of the game's production while Brownies is handling the development.

The story begins when Nobita's group somehow ends up getting teleported to another world. Doraemon also loses his secret tools in the process, so the group decides to live in the world for the time being. The player will control Nobita as he starts a farming life in the natural Sheezen Town by planting crops, taking care of livestock, and interacting with the town residents. As the story progresses, Nobita will be able to regain Doraemon's secret tools that can also be used in-game, such as the Anywhere Door that lets Nobita instantly go from the farm to the beach.

Purchasing an early release copy of the game will offer players a set of furniture to reproduce Nobita's room as commonly seen in the Doraemon series, from the chair, desk, bookshelf, bed, to the room's floor and wall. Bandai Namco has also published the first official Japanese trailer for the game, which you can watch right below.

Doraemon: Nobita's Story of Seasons screenshots

Doraemon: Nobita's Story of Seasons for Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan on June 13. An English localization for this game has yet to be announced.