Fire Emblem: Three Houses new information reveals Link Attacks, Weekend Activities, and more

Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, and Koei Tecmo have posted new information and screenshots for Fire Emblem: Three Houses via Famitsu. After the previous batches covered the new Batallion system & Weekday Tutelages and main characters, today's gives more details on battle features that make use of the series-staple Support system as well as activities that can be done on weekends.

You can read the information that we've compiled right below. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to be released for Nintendo Switch on July 26 worldwide.

Battle Systems


Link Attack

When attacking an enemy, if there are other allies who can attack the same enemy within their attack ranges, a Link Attack will trigger. This will raise the main attacker's accuracy and evasion, and some certain combinations of characters will give even more powerful effects such as increased attack damage.


Link Stratagem

The Stratagems (Gambits) covered in the previous information batch also have a Linked version. The accuracy and power bonuses will depend on the number of participating units as well as the Support levels between each other. These stratagems have a limited amount of usages allowed per battle, so proper positioning of allies will be important if you want to optimize Link Stratagems.

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After the protagonist has reached a certain grade of Guidance Level, you can start assigning a character to be an adjutant for another character. The higher your Guidance Level is, the more characters you can attach an adjutant.

Adjutants will aid the main unit in as many ways as possible. Other than providing Link Attacks, they may also occasionally block enemy attacks to reduce damage or even heal the unit if they have the Heal magic. The better the character's Support level with the adjutant is, the stronger the aiding effects will be.

Adjutants can also even gain experience and levels just by participating in the main unit's battles, and as they don't receive damage on their own this way, it should become an effective method to train weaker characters.


Field Gimmicks

There are doors and treasure boxes that can be unlocked by either consuming a Key item or using a character with a skill to bypass Key usage. Some fields will also have drawbridges that can only be lowered from one side.

Some enemies will have items that can be obtained by anyone who doesn't even have to be a Thief. They will be marked with a green item icon in this case.


Weekend Activities

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After tutoring your students on weekdays, a lot of activities become available to perform once you reach the weekend on Sunday. You can choose from the following activities below, Strolling, Short Course, Sortie, and Rest or Skip. You can also access the Shop to buy equipment and items, as well as Qualification Exams to unlock character classes from the same menu.



Here's the mode where you can freely explore the academy and interact with other characters. You can press R to open the overall map and see the current locations of available unique characters. You can even fast travel to any places that you have visited at least once. Some facilities will be unlocked gradually as you progress through the game's story.

The following is a list of activities you can do while Strolling around the academy:

  • Conversations
    You can find and interact with not only students in your class but also other teachers and even students from other classes as well. Some of them will spawn selections where the correct answer will improve their Support level towards you.
  • Quests
    There are quest boards that list a number of optional quests which can be taken. These quests range from simply visiting a specified location to participating in an optional battle. Clearing these quests will give rewards from items to even Battalions.
  • Teacher Training
    When speaking with a fellow teacher or a knight character, you can spend a Movement Point to have them improve one of your protagonist character's Professor Levels.
  • Fishing
    You can even go fishing with a "press the button when the circles meet" mini-game system. Fishes obtained can be either sold for money or used as food ingredients.
  • Greenhouse
    You can plant seeds to produce crops or flowers. Crops are mainly used as food ingredients, while Flowers are used as gifts to other characters. There are also actions that you can do to improve the crop yield, from watering to applying magic. More actions with better results will be unlocked with higher Guidance Level.
  • Dining Hall
    You can ask one character to accompany you in cooking food that temporarily buffs all allies. The invited character will get a larger increase in Support points with you.
    You can also invite two characters to dine together with you. You can select the food to be served and each character has their own favorite dish. You can even invite other teachers and students from other classes as well, and the Support levels between the three of you will rise, although only students from your class will gain a motivation bonus.


You can hold an extra class where you can ask another teacher to tutor up to 6 of your students with the teacher's expertise abilities. Other than improving Professor Levels, characters may even occasionally learn new skills this way. Your protagonist character can either become the teacher yourself or join the extra class as one of the students if another teacher is heading the class.

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This is where you can set out on optional battles to gather more experience for your allies. While these battles generally require you to spend Sortie Points, playing in Normal difficulty will spawn some battles that do not consume any points. Battles that are spawned from Quests will also appear in this list.

There are also side stories or Paralogues that are available for a limited time, featuring specific characters who will be marked as mandatory sorties for the stage. Clearing these Paralogues will let you obtain rewards related to those characters, from items to even Battalions.


Resting or Skipping

When you feel like you don't want to perform so many activities, you can opt to select Rest where you'll spend the weekend without doing anything. This also gives bonus motivation to all of your students so that they can learn more subjects in next week's tutoring session.

Alternatively, you can select the bottom-most option to Skip until a specified date. All actions and improvements in the skipped days will then be automatically decided by the game.

Enemy Characters

  • Grim Reaper Knight - There has been a rumor circulating around the Garreg Mach town of a knight who abducts people every night. Although the Grim Reaper Knight is supposed to be just a rumor, he suddenly appears in front of the protagonist. He has an ominous look that one wouldn't think he comes from this world.
  • Flame Lord - A mysterious person who is making secret maneuvers around the monastery. He hides his body with a mask and a mantle, so his true identity is a total mystery. The bandits who assaulted academy students at the beginning of the story seemed to move under his orders.
  • Lord Ronato - The owner of Gaspar Castle, located in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He raised an army against the Church of Seiros. The protagonist and students are tasked to clean up things after his rebellion has been put down. This rebellion starts to slowly reveal turbulent movements around the Church.

    Although all three classes will take the same major battle at the end of the month, selecting a certain class will give more background and insight into specific events. In Lord Ronato's case, as he comes from Faerghus, picking the Blue Lions class will give more background as Ashe is his adopted child.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Enemies
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More Classes

  • Lord - The only characters who can take this class are Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.
    Lord Class Skills:
    -Charisma - When an adjacent ally is in battle, the damage they deal on the enemy is increased by 3
  • Thief - Excels in speed and technique. They can also steal items from enemies.
    Thief Class Skills:
    -Steal - Able to steal non-weapon items from enemies that have a lower speed stat than the character
    -Lockpick - Able to open doors and treasure boxes without using keys
  • Knight - They don't have class skills, but their defense stat is top class, so they are useful as walls.
  • Pegasus Knight - Only females can take this class. They can pass through rivers and mountains, but are weak to arrows.
    Pegasus Knight Class Skills:
    -Move Again - If they still have movement points left after performing an action, they can move again based on those points
    -Evasion +10 - Increases evasion by 10 points
  • Archer - Excels in using bows that can attack enemies from distance.
    Archer Class Skills:
    -Bow Range +1 - Increases bow range by 1
  • Priest - Excels in using White Magic, they will be useful as healers.
    Priest Class Skills:
    -Heal - Enables them to use Heal. If they are already able, this will allow them to use Heal twice.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Classes

More Characters

  • Ferdinand von Aegir - Black Eagles character, voiced by Taito Ban
    Legitimate child of Duke Aegir's family. He is highly proud and confident of his lineage.
    Personal Skill: Self-Confidence - When his HP is full, accuracy & evasion +15
    Emblem: Kichol's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem said to be inhibited by Saint Kichol
  • Bernadetta von Varri - Black Eagles character, voiced by Ayumi Tsuji
    The sole daughter of Earl Varri's family. She fears strangers so she tends to seclude herself in her room.
    Personal Skill: Persecution Complex - When her HP is not full, attack +5
    Emblem: Indecha's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem said to be inhibited by Saint Indecha
  • Mercedes von Martlitz - Blue Lions character, voiced by Yumiri Hanamori
    A gentle woman with a kind heart. A former noble, she used to live as a commoner.
    Personal Skill: Live to Serve - When healing an ally's HP with White Magic, she will also recover her HP with the same amount
    Emblem: Lamine's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem handed down by Lamine of the Ten Great Fodlans
  • Ashe Duran - Blue Lions character, voiced by Yuuki Inoue
    The adopted child of Lord Ronato. He studies hard every day with his foster father as his objective.
    Personal Skill: Wisdom to Live - Can open doors and treasure boxes even without keys
  • Raphael Kirsten - Golden Deer character, voiced by Takaki Ohtomari
    Although he lost both his parents in an accident, he spends his daily life brightly with an optimistic attitude.
    Personal Skill: Food Scavenger - At the start of a turn, he has a percentage based on Luck stat to recover 10% of his max HP
  • Lysithea von Cordelia - Golden Deer character, voiced by Aoi Yuuki
    The eldest daughter of Earl Cordelia's family. The youngest student, she is also a genius in magic.
    Personal Skill: Genius - Earns 2x experience for Professor Levels from battles
    Emblem: Caron's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem handed down by Caron of the Ten Great Fodlans
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Screenshots
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