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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox introduces Renegade, Raging Bull, and Doll

Falcom has revealed new information and screenshots for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox and has updated the official website, introducing three more party members found in the action RPG. We are introduced to monstrums Renegade, Raging Bull, and Doll. Falcom also released a brief commercial for the game.

Find the new screenshots and our translation below. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is set to release in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 4. An English localization has yet to be announced.

In case you missed it, you check out previous updates on Adol & Dogi, as well as new party members White Cat & Hawk.

Characters - Renegade, Raging Bull, and Doll

Renegade (voiced by Hiro Shimono): A Monstrum who received the nickname "Renegade" because he wears an eccentric attire that looks like a torn vestment. He is strongly pessimistic and weary of life, and he rarely ever shows himself in front of others, so barely any citizens of Barduk actually saw him. He seems to have some knowledge on the history of the Glia region and the prison city Barduk. [Editor's note: This character's Japanese name might also translate to 'Apostate', but 'Renegade' is shown on the game's website]

  • Weapon: Unknown (He is shown wielding a staff and can launch magical projectiles, but is it really his power?)
  • Superpower Action: Shadow Dive - Renegade turns into a shadow so that he can slip through small gaps. It can also be used during battles where he can slip away without getting detected by enemies and reappear right behind their weak spots.

Raging Bull (voiced by Ayane Sakura): A Monstrum who excels in raw power, she is good in fighting hearty battles by wielding a gigantic war hammer. She has a very good sense as she does not commit any sins and she often pacifies things when her fellow Monstrums get into quarrels. It is rumored that a blood relative of hers is living inside the prison city, but the truth on that rumor is still uncertain.

  • Weapon: War Hammer
  • Superpower Action: Valkyrie Hammer - Raging Bull gathers power to unleash a devastating single strike. In the overworld, she can use this to destroy cracked walls or rocks to open up new paths. During battles, this action can also be used to break the guard of enemies with strong defense.

Doll (voiced by Aina Suzuki): A Monstrum who looks like a beautiful doll done by a first-rate artisan, she has a superpower ability to recognize invisible objects that cannot be seen by humans. Her origins are totally unknown and she has the most mysteries among Barduk's Monstrums. She is also capable of performing strange movements that cannot be done by a human. She seems to be contacting Adol for a certain objective.

  • Weapon: Sweep Sword and Wired Sickle
  • Superpower Action: The Third Eye - Doll is able to temporarily visualize things that cannot be seen with human eyes. For example, when trying to find treasure boxes behind walls, the hidden switch will be marked in green, objects like treasure boxes in white, and hazards like enemies and traps in red. This action will also become essential when fighting against enemy phantoms.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Screenshots and Artwork

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