Baldur's Gate III officially announced for PC and Google Stadia

After a week of teasing, Larian Studios has officially announced Baldur's Gate III for PC and Google Stadia during today's Stadia Connect stream. While some early sleuthing may have spoiled the reveal in a sense, it's still surprising to see a return to the classic, but long dormant, CRPG series.


Below is the first teaser for the game, shared during the stream.

While announced during the Stadia stream, Baldur's Gate will also come to PC in some fashion as well. No other console versions have been announced, but at least we'll be getting a bit of a backlog to play through in the meantime.

In an interview with USGamer, Larian Boss Sven Vincke wasn't 100% clear on whether or not this newest CRPG revival would still be Real-time-with-pause like most of the classic Infinity Engine games, or if it would be turn-based like Larian's Original Sin series. Whether or not Baldur's Gate III is even isometric is also left a bit ambiguous. 

Below is the press release about the announcement, promising more details throughout the year. It also introduces that Baldur's Gate III will feature some form of playable co-op mode as well, and also that it will be using the current Dungeons and Dragons ruleset.

Larian Studios is proud to announce that they are developing and publishing Baldur’s Gate III on PC and Google Stadia. Created in close collaboration with the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast, Baldur’s Gate III is based off current D&D mechanics and spells and is the official new chapter in the legendary series.

Baldur’s Gate III will push the boundaries of the RPG genre and offer a rich narrative with unparalleled player freedom, high-stakes decisions, unique companion characters and memorable combat. It is Larian Studios’ biggest production ever and will be playable together with friends or as a single-player adventure.

The teaser trailer shows a return of a malevolent presence to Baldur's Gate, intent on devouring it from the inside out, corrupting everything that remains in the Forgotten Realms.

Alone you may resist, but together you can overcome. Gather your party.

Larian Studios plans to work closely with the global community to bring the coveted series to life, with more news to follow over the course of the year.

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