Atlus reiterates that there are "no plans" for Persona 5 The Royal on other platforms beyond PS4, details save game and DLC transfers

Atlus has just posted a new frequently asked questions section to the official Japanese website of Persona 5 The Royal, and while the FAQ isn't awash with new information it does offer a few additional details on the save game bonus from Persona 5 - and sees the publisher reiterate once again that the updated and expanded version of Persona 5 won't be coming to other platforms.

In the run-up to Persona 5 The Royal's reveal, fans feverishly speculated that the game would come to the Nintendo Switch, especially given the inclusion of the game's protagonist Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It turned out that P5R would also be a PS4 exclusive, but Joker would make a Nintendo Switch appearance outside Smash in Persona 5 Scramble, a hack-and-slash spin-off


It seems fans have been continuing to ask for a Switch version of the game, however, as Atlus has seen fit to include the question on its Japanese FAQ page. The response to the question is plain: Atlus "doesn't have plans for [other platforms] right now". 

Beyond this, the FAQ page also details the Persona 5 save game bonus that's been previously talked about. You won't be able to carry over Persona 5 save data directly because The Royal "adds lots of new characters and events from the early part of the game", which Atlus says makes it a "totally different experience" - it wouldn't make sense to allow for direct save continuation. If you do have a save game from the original P5 it will be detected by The Royal and give you a bonus, however.

Persona 5 DLC is another matter. The game only had fairly minor downloadable add-ons - costumes and the like - and these will be compatible with Persona 5 The Royal, though there's a catch. For unspecified "commercial law reasons", DLC bought in Persona 5 does need to be purchased again by existing owners - but only for a fee of 10 Yen - around ten cents in US currency. So it appears to be a purely clerical thing - if you drop a few cents, your Persona 5 DLC will indeed carry over. It's unclear for now if this will also be the case for The Royal's 2020 western release

Persona 5 was one of RPG Site's picks for the best RPGs of 2017, so this extended version naturally has our interest. Stick with us; we'll continue to bring Persona 5 The Royal news as it breaks.