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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot gets a New Story Trailer

While a lot of Bandai Namco's games leaked ahead of Microsoft's conference, the new Dragon Ball Z RPG did not. We have received a new story trailer for Project Z, now renamed to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. There doesn't seem to have any gameplay to speak of yet, but perhaps we'll see more in the upcoming week?

You can view the trailer below:

It seems DBZ: Kakarot will allow you to relive various arcs of the Dragon Ball Z saga, including when Vegeta and Nappa first came to Earth, and the Frieza Saga.

Bandai Namco's press release has a bit more information on DBZ: Kakarot, including a release window - Early 2020. The game supports English and Japanese voice-overs with EFIGS subtitles.

Press Release

Leading anime video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as the final name for the previously announced DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z. Coming to the Americas in early 2020 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and PC; Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an all-new Action RPG (role-playing-game) that will take players on the most accurate, dramatic, and epic telling of the DRAGON BALL Z canon storyline - the story of Kakarot - the Saiyan better known as Goku.

Developed in Japan by video game developer CyberConnect2; the game tells the legendary story of DRAGON BALL Z, taking players on an unforgettable adventure to experience over-the-top battles and challenging quests while creating life-long friendships as they crusade to protect Earth from fearsome villains. Additionally, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will also present resolutions to long unanswered questions from the DRAGON BALL Z storyline through light-hearted side quests.

Fact Sheet

Relive the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fi ght, fi sh, eat, and train with Goku. Explore the new areas and adventures as you advance through the story and form powerful bonds with other heroes from the DRAGON BALL Z universe.

  • Experience the story of DRAGON BALL Z from epic events to light-hearted side quests, including never-before-seen story moments that answer some burning questions of Dragon Ball lore for the first time!
  • Play through iconic DRAGON BALL Z battles on a scale unlike any other. Fight across vast battlefilds with destructible environments and experience epic boss battles that will test the limits of your combat abilities. Increase your power level and rise to the challenge!
  • Don’t just fi ght as Goku. Live as Goku. Fish, fly, eat, train, and battle your way through the DRAGON BALL Z sagas, making friends and building relationships with a massive cast of DRAGON BALL characters.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will release early next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Screenshots


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