Griftlands Resurfaces as a Roguelike Deck Building Game, Releases This Year

It's been a while since we heard about Griftlands, Klei's next title. When we first heard about it, Griftlands was set to be an RPG, but we hadn't heard much since its original reveal. Griftlands has now resurfaced as a rogue-like deck building title, and it's still looking great.

You can see the latest trailer below:

Also, while Griftlands is not an Epic Games Store exclusive, you can try the game out on the EGS storefront first with the Alpha version of the title on July 11. An Early Access version on Steam will be releasing in June of next year.

Klei has also released a bunch of information on Griftlands on their forums. Check out a snippet of what's in store:

Today, we’re announcing a reboot of Griftlands, a single-player deck building game where you negotiate, fight, steal or otherwise persuade others to get your way. We put aside the huge simulation and RPG elements and focused on negotiation, combat, and manipulation. You play the game as one of three characters, and each decision you make is important -- which jobs to take, which side to choose, and which cards to collect. 

In Alpha, you play as Sal, a freelance adventurer out for profit and revenge, and you do the dirty work that other people won't. As you play, you build two separate decks: one for negotiation, and one for battle. 

The world of Griftlands is harsh, and death can come quickly. Each time you play offers new jobs and situations to encounter, and a chance to rebuild your strategies. A successful run will require a sharp wit, a sharp blade, and enough cunning to know when to use each.

Griftlands will release in 2020 on PC (both Steam and the Epic Games Store).