The Witcher 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch this year, Witcher 3 over 20 million sold

As a surprise out of left field (mostly) in today's E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, CD Projekt Red announced that the acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game will release both physically and digitally in 2019 with all DLC content packed in, including both story expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine


Physical editions of the game will also include extra bonuses, such as a Witcher Universe Compendium, a game map, and stickers. Pricing was not specifically announced but it's worded as though this will be all included in the standard physical edition of the game.


Check out the new trailer showcasing the game running on Nintendo Switch below.

We've also got a set of screenshots from CD Projekt Red showcasing the game running on a Nintendo Switch. We think it looks pretty good, all things considered. The port to the handheld-hybrid is being handled by Saber Interactive (Halo: The Master Chief Collection) in close coorperation with CD Projekt Red.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Here's a little bit more about the release from CD Projekt. One of the most interesting tidbits is the last section of the press release, identifying The Witcher 3 as being responsible for more than half of the series' total of 40 million sales, putting the 2015 release at a pretty staggering 20 million copies sold.

Winner of over 800 awards, including 250 Game of the Year awards, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG set in a fantastic open world full of adventure, danger, and mystery. As professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, gamers must set out to find the Child of Prophecy — a powerful entity that may send the world spiraling toward destruction. Along the way, the witcher will find himself facing not only mighty foes, but also difficult choices, the consequences of which will ripple throughout the game’s epic narrative.

Set to launch this year both digitally and in retail, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch comes with the base game, as well as every piece of additional content ever released. This includes both story expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, as well as all 16 free DLCs. In total, the Complete Edition offers over 150 hours of gameplay, for the first time playable truly on the go. The game is being ported to Nintendo Switch by Saber Interactive in close cooperation with CD PROJEKT RED.

In addition to the game card housing the entirety of the Complete Edition’s content, the box will also come with a set of physical goodies: The Witcher Universe compendium, game map, and stickers.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the first game from the franchise to be released on a Nintendo console, introducing the series to brand new audience, as well as giving anyone who already played Geralt of Rivia’s final adventure a chance to experience it again on the go. The release of the game on Nintendo Switch is also bound to further cement Wild Hunt’s status as the best-selling title of the franchise, which currently makes for more than half of the series’ 40 million copies sold.