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Persona 5 Royal: new character Arcana and abilities and other new features detailed

As if Persona 5 wasn't long enough already, Persona 5 The Royal is on the way, adding a bunch of additional content and tweaks to the base game for an improved, definitive version of the story of the Phantom Thieves. Today, thanks to a new 'Morgana's Report' video on the official Atlus Japan YouTube, we've got a little more information about the game.

The video is all in Japanese, but for those of you who don't speak the language, we've translated the key new details below.

New Information on newcomer Kasumi 

Kasumi is an all new party member for the Phantom Thieves in P5R, and as it stands right now we don't know an enormous amount about her. The video details a few new key things about her:

  • Her Arcana is "The Faith". Interestingly, the star rank that shows when the co-operation is leveled up indicates her co-operation may only have five levels total to it.
  • The Faith Rank 4 Bonus Skill is 'Schone Wire', which lets you use a wire to engage in encounters with enemies from more distant ranges.
  • Kasumi fights with a Rapier & Rifle. She's good with physical attacks & the Bless magical element.
  • Kasumi's persona is Cendrillon, which takes inspiration and its name from a late 1800s French Opera.

Other new Persona 5 The Royal Details

The video also goes over a few other interesting details about changes and additions in P5R. The official website has also updated, and we've collected the new screenshots in the gallery.

  • P5R will feature a Gallery mode where you can re-watch movies & events from during the story
  • There will be some kind of new feature for Goro Akechi, but what it is isn't revealed
  • The new Evil Demon enemies can counter-attack when attacked by the party but can drop precious items
  • There are new Stone items that can be gathered to produce useful items
  • There's a new Wire Action that allows you to traverse dungeons quicker or sneak attack on farther enemies
  • P5R will feature more Gun Customization features

Persona 5 Royal Screenshots

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