Final Fantasy IV Collection Coming to the PSP

Final Fantasy IV has seen itself being rode like a bicycle all the way to the bank, it seems. The game has arrived on the Super Nintendo, as a compilation on the PlayStation, was brought  to the Game Boy Advance, a remake on the Nintendo DS, and as an episodic series when Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was ported  from mobile phones to Nintendo's WiiWare service.

Not one to leave any other system out in the cold, Square-Enix announced in the latest issue of V Jump that Final Fantasy IV will find its place on Sony's PlayStation Portable, calling it the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection. It will contain both the original game and The After Years compilation. The port will thankfully include updated 2D visuals and even a new scenario that will help connect FFIV and The After Years.

 The pack is scheduled to be released on the PSP in Spring 2011 in Japan. There has been no word whether it will be released in the West, but I'm pretty sure Square-Enix would be insane not to.

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