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Oninaki introduces the sovereign Lobelia and her son Leo, plus several new screenshots

During Square Enix's E3 2019 event, we learned of the release date for Tokyo RPG Factory's Oninaki. Today we got a small update on two new characters in the game, Lobelia and her son-slash-knight named Leo. While not a lot of details were given, the pair seem to serve perhaps an antagonistic role in the game, but we only have a couple short character bios to go on at the moment.

On top of new artwork for Leo and Lobelia, we also got a huge set of new screenshots, some showcasing the two new additions, and some others showing general gameplay, including a few sets of paired images between both the Living World and the Beyond.

We've got all the artwork and gallery of screenshots below. Oninaki releases worldwide for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 22. 

The sovereign lives a life of isolation, able to trust in none but herself. Lobelia can seem cold and aloof, remaining at a distance from those around her, and seldom appearing before her people. Indeed, many of her subjects would scarcely recognize her at all. To Lobelia nothing is more important than upholding the tenets of reincarnation, and it is clear she will not tolerate even the slightest deviation.

Lobelia’s right-hand man, and trueborn son. Since his youngest days, Leo has revered Lobelia not as mother, but as sovereign. There are no others Leo trusts, none whom he calls friend—but he has never begrudged her that. Leo follows the sovereign’s words with blind devotion, and pays no heed to anyone else, a fact which has put him at odds with the Watchers.

New Oninaki Screenshots


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