Arc of Alchemist to release for Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 10

Idea Factory has announced that tactical-action RPG Arc of Alchemist will release for Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 10, both at retail and digitally.

Arc of Alchemist released on PlayStation 4 in Japan in February 2019, and a western release of the PS4 version is slated for Winter as a digital-only title.

The Switch version will contain some notable enhancements from the original PS4 release, including the ability to control all characters in the game. In the original version, only main protagonist Quinn could be controlled by the player with other characters tagging along. There will also be more high-value item drops to sell for cash, as well as some UI improvements.

Check out a trailer and some screenshots below. You can find the localization announcement information here, or check out the official website.

Arc of Alchemist Switch Screenshots
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