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God Eater 3 update 1.40 coming June 28, more updates planned from this Fall

Bandai Namco held a live stream dedicated to God Eater 3 today, where they showed a lot of content updates that will be added to the game in the foreseeable future. At the beginning of the stream, they confirmed that the next title update to version 1.40 will be available tomorrow on June 28.

The main highlight of this update is Time Attack Mission, where players will attempt to record the fastest times they can manage against specified Aragami targets. Other than that, they are also re-balancing the game mechanics, giving buffs to most weapons and attack damages, as well as allowing more bullet customizations with additional bullet slots.

While they have previously announced that the upcoming Nintendo Switch release will have exclusive costumes from Tales of Vesperia, it is finally confirmed in this stream that the PlayStation 4 and PC Steam versions will receive new costumes from Code Vein in exchange. These avatar costumes will be added when the title update launches this Friday.

The development team for God Eater 3 also revealed in this stream that they are working on a new set of major updates set to be released from Fall 2019 onwards. Other than the obvious new Aragami, missions, and avatar costumes, these updates will also add new stories that focus on certain characters, which remind us of the Character Episodes in God Eater 2: Rage Burst. The schedule for the second major set of updates that have been known so far is as follows:

  • Version 2.00: New story featuring Claire, and new Aragami: Barbarius Irae
  • Version 2.10: New stories featuring Hugo and Zeke, and a more powerful variant of Vajra as a new Aragami

The remaining party members, including Keith and Neal Pennywort who were recently added in the previous title update, will also have their own stories in subsequent updates. You can watch more gameplay footage of the Switch version which starts from 56:25 below. As staff members and stream guests played Time Attack Missions, which are supposed to be added in the impending update for PS4 and PC, it is assumed that the Switch release might be already up-to-date with other platforms at launch.

God Eater 3 has been available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam worldwide. A Nintendo Switch version is also slated for release on July 12.

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