Death end re;Quest 2 - First Trailer, story & character details from Famitsu

Compile Heart has posted the first trailer for the recently announcedDeath end re;Quest 2, and has also opened a teaser website for the game.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine details the story premise and main cast of characters found in this sequel. While a few characters from the original Death end re:Quest do make a return, Compile Heart states that the story of Death end re;Quest 2 can be enjoyed by those who have not played the original.

Find the trailer and our translated summary of the Famitsu details below. Death end re;Quest 2 is set to release on PlayStation 4 and does not yet have a release window.

Death end re;Quest 2 takes place in Liz Shoala, a town located among the mountains in a certain region. A church is built at the center of the town, which also doubles as a girls' dormitory. The three new heroines: Mai, Rott, and Liliana, live in this dormitory and are the key characters in this story. As the dorm inhabitants begin to disappear one by one, these characters become involved with conspiracies and inexplicable phenomenon happening in the town.

Liz Shoala was known for its beautiful lakeshore, but the appearance of a certain cult religion has sharply dwindled the population. Most houses have become abandoned, and only around 50 families are still living here. Although the town looks inactive because there are few inhabitants, one can enjoy seeing a beautiful cityscape at day.

But once it turns into night, the atmosphere changes drastically as the town becomes corrupted with "bugs" despite being located in the real world. Eerie monsters also show up at night, giving an impression that Liz Shoala has become a game world. The remaining inhabitants lock themselves up at night to protect themselves from the frightening monsters.

A couple of gameplay features are also teased in the article. One of them is to let players experience fear as they are being trailed by unknown black shadows. The Bug Action from the first game returns and is also enhanced with the new "Curse" power. The player can also hack into surveillance cameras which will let them obtain hints in solving the story's mysteries.


Death end re;Quest 2 characters - From right to left: Mai, Liliana, Rott, Shina

Mai Touyama (voiced by Chiwa Saito)
A quiet girl with a gloomy impression. As she was oppressed by her parents, she creates a "shield" on her mind. Although her IQ is very high, she did not receive a proper education, thus her knowledge and expressions are unaligned. She has a troubled past, as her father died when he was assaulting Mai in a frenzy and she resisted.

Liliana Piarta (voiced by Manaka Iwami)
Contrary to her young age and looks, this girl speaks in a matured manner. In the past, her mother had gone mad after her father committed suicide due to "being possessed by a demon". As Liliana didn't receive parental love during her childhood, she seems to desire a mother-like being.

Rotten Dollheart (voiced by Madoka Asashina)
The daughter of the dorm mother who manages the girls' dormitory. She is friendly and has a nickname "Rott". Because she takes good care of people, she is able to become close friends with people, even Mai who has closed her heart. She is also brimming with curiosity and has a habit of poking her head in as soon as she finds a mystery.

Shina Ninomiya (voiced by Hisako Tojo)
A game designer who worked at Enigma, a game development company. Her memories for the last year, which were lost due to being involved in an incident in Death end re;Quest, have been re-explained by Arata Mizunashi, so she has some grasp on the composition of this world. Shina managed to complete the Iris game engine and the MMORPG World Odyssey. But as she began enjoying her peaceful life, Arata suddenly went missing. Currently, she is tracking his whereabouts.

Other than Shina and Arata, more characters from the first Death end re;Quest such as Lydia Nolan and Natsuo Munakata are also confirmed returning here. Their roles in the new story are still unknown yet.

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