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Project Sakura Wars screenshots showcase action mecha battles

Sega has posted new screenshots for Project Sakura Wars, showcasing more of the Shanghai Revue as well as the game's action combat system. 

Unlike previous games in the series, which featured more tactical gameplay, Project Sakura Wars has an action game style, which was debuted in a stream last week. You can move the characters 'Spiricle Armor' mechs freely with the analog stick and unleash a variety of combos with the Square & Triangle buttons, even while in mid-air. By avoiding enemy attacks at just the right moments, you can also perform dynamic attacks that cut enemies in two. By filling a spiritual power gauge during combat, players can also perform finisher attacks, and there are also special combination attacks when teammates work together under certain conditions.

The screenshots also showcase Seijuro Kamiyama's previously detailed 'Spiricle Fighter Mugen', a unit with dual swords, as well as Sakura Amamiya's 'Spiricle Armor - Type-3 Koubu', a unit with a single katana-like blade. We also see more of the Shanghai Revue and Chinese restaurant Shenlongxuan, where Shanghai Revue members work during their daily lives in Tokyo.

Check out the screenshots below. Project Sakura Wars launches in Japan on December 12, 2019 (as Shin Sakura Taisen) with an English localization to follow in 2020.

Project Sakura Wars Screenshots

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