Dragon Quest XI S Screenshots show costume selection, more ride-able monster effects, and quick menu

Square Enix has released new screenshots for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition, explaining some special effects of new monster mounts, character costumes, and a new quick menu.

Much like last month's screenshot update, many of these new additions have been revealed or detailed before, such as during TreeHouse Live during E3 2019. Find a bulleted summary of the additions below and screenshots in the gallery.


-Players can change character equipment to costume looks without altering attack and defense stats, unlike the PlayStation 4 & PC versions which required the player to equip certain armor combinations. This is also applicable in No Equippable Armor challenge.

-You can gain some EXP from riding over enemies while on your horse or some other monsters. There are also more rideable monsters and you can also call them through a menu.


-Great Sabrecat: Can move at high speed, can roar to lure nearby enemies so that you can blow them all at once. When riding this, the BGM will change to Great Plain March from Dragon Quest VIII.

-Slime Knight: Can use sword as a field attack to beat enemies

-Ice Golem: Can hit the ground to beat enemies or destroy obstacles


-Iron Maiden: Enemies won't notice you, and touching them won't trigger battles either.

-Wolf Dragon/Legend Wolf: Can fly and blow away large enemies. They can be ridden after obtaining a certain fashion equipment


-Convenience Menu: Opened with + button, contains useful features such as calling the horse or setting up the blacksmith set

Dragon Quest XI S is set to release for Nintendo Switch on September 27 worldwide. You can find the E3 trailer and screenshots here, and other new feature screenshots from July 2019 here.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition Screenshots