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Project Sakura Wars introduces new characters from the London Revue, Hatsuho & Claris' Mugen Mechs

Update (August 28)

Sega has posted more screenshots for Project Sakura Wars, including some on the new London Revue as well as an introduction to the Spiricle Fighter Mugen mech units for Hatsuho and Claris.

Hatsuho's is crimson in color, wielding a giant hammer with flames. Claris's Mugen mech is green and wields a giant spell book to sling magic attacks at enemies from a distance.

Project Sakura Wars Screenshots


Original (August 21)

Sega has revealed more new details on Project Sakura Wars at the latest edition of the monthly live stream for the game. Following last month's reveal of Chinese characters from the Shanghai Revue, this stream reveals the second foreign revue which comes from England.

Project Sakura Wars is a brand-new title in Sega's attempt to revive the Sakura Wars series. But while most past games in the series were strategy RPGs, this new game takes a drastic turn to an action style, with Toshihiro Nagoshi of Yakuza series fame participating in the gameplay system development. You can watch more new footage of the action battle system in the stream, which starts from 28:30.

Sega has also confirmed that Project Sakura Wars will have a presence in Tokyo Game Show 2019 with a playable demo at Sega and Atlus' booth. This PlayStation 4 game will be released first in Japan as Shin Sakura Taisen on December 12. The Western localization will follow later in 2020.

London Revue - Knights of the Round Table

A revue tasked with defending cities, based in London, England. Although this organization is established as a revue, the group looks more like a band of knights. When the World Revue War games are held at the imperial capital of Tokyo, members of this revue stay at the Great Imperial Hotel, a high-class hotel located adjacent to the Tokyo Central Station.

When the London Revue sorties out in battles, they pilot the Spiricle Fighter Bridwyn, with swords as their weapons of choice. The exteriors of these mechs are designed to look like noble knights and are based on Western armors.

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Arthur (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)
Leader of the London Revue, 18 years old

An English knight born in a noble knight family, he inherits his family's heirloom, the divine sword Excalibur. Arthur is actually his alias, which is also a title inherited from his lineage along with the Excalibur. He always acts fair and square with a chivalric spirit.

Although he normally acts like a diligent English gentleman, which makes him popular among girls, his personality during battles switches to become more pompous and aggressive.


Lancelot (voiced by Manami Numakura)
Member of the London Revue, 17 years old

The daring, resolute, and belligerent raiding captain of the London Revue. She displays a stern swordsmanship skill using two swords, and she is also known as the Black Knight for the black color in her attire. She has a vigorous, bright, and cheerful personality, but she doesn't think too deeply. She is also the type who prefers action than thinking, as she is also roughly and naturally simple-minded.

Imperial Theater Mascot Gekizou


The live stream also revealed Gekizou, the mascot character of the Imperial Theater of Tokyo. When the protagonist Seijuro Kamiyama is appointed as the Special Publication Chief of the Imperial Theater, he dons this mascot costume. By performing publicity activities and gathering information using this mascot, they will see a sudden increase of customers attracted to the theater.

Although the name Gekizou itself is based on the words Geki (Theater) and Zou (Elephant), it can also become a pun for another Japanese word which means 'sudden increase'. Other than Gekizou, the stream also showed for the first time battle outfits and customized Spiricle Fighter Mugen units for Imperial Revue members Hatsuho and Claris.

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Character Renders


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