First Screenshots for Star Ocean: First Departure R

Square Enix has opened their Tokyo Game Show 2019 website, and the first screenshots of Star Ocean: First Departure R have surfaced, alongside a description of the game, captured by Gematsu. It seems this remaster will have an option to change between old and new portraits, alongside the HD upscale.

Check out the screenshots and description below, translated via Gematsu.


The 2007-released remake of Star OceanStar Ocean: First Departure—appears as a high-definition port with new features! In addition to the high-definition upgrade, the game is fully voiced through new recordings by the original Star Ocean cast. The character illustrations have also been redrawn based on the original designs, which you can switch between with the original remake illustrations.

Star Ocean: First Departure R is a remaster of the 2007 PSP remake of Star Ocean. You can check out the brief original announcement and character art from May 2019 here.

Star Ocean: First Departure R is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Star Ocean: First Departure R Screenshots
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